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Please note, a patch test is required 24 hours before all tinting procedures.
Brow Tint: (15mins : £7.00)
Lash Tint: (20mins : £8.00)
Brow & Lash Tint Duo: (30mins : £13.00)


Please note: a patch test is required 24 hours before all lash treatments are carried out, to ensure that the products used match your skin type.

All About You 'Strip' Lashes: Choose from a range of styles - perfect for a night out. (15mins : From £20)

All About You 'Cluster' Lashes: For a more natural, instantly fuller look - last up to a week. (Up to 35mins : Full £50.00)

Lash Tint & 'Cluster' Lashes: Great for adding extra definition. (Up to 45mins : Full £60.00)

Semi Permanent Individual Lashes: Individual, curved lashes applied one at a time to replicate a natural eyelash, adding length and volume. Last 6-8 weeks with infills, and 3-4 weeks without. (120 minutes: £55)

Semi-Permanent Lash Infills: Make your lashes last longer with regular infills. (From £20)
Lash Removal: (5mins : £15)


Brow Tidy: (15mins : £7.00)

Eyelash Perming: (10mins : £28.00)

Complete Brow Definition: Eyebrows are tinted, reshaped & tweezed following a design consultation. (25mins : £19.00)

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